The Tamper Trap


One of the major logos that I had created at Exposure Marketing Co., was for a new cafe in Brighton. The clients requested the inclusion of a symbol for three T’s. The T’s I created were to look reminiscent of a coffee tamper held by a thumb and forefinger.

The Tamper Trap logo was then placed on signage, a menu, DL Flyer, their website and coffee cups. The DL Flyer was distributed a month prior to opening the cafe with the incentive of free coffee, valid for the month after opening.

The logo was appropriately scaled for internal signs and external decals. In creating the signage files, the illustrator file size was 25% of its intended size as there is a limit to how large an artboard can be in the program and the vector image was easily scaled upwards by the printing company.

As part of their new website and social media accounts, The Tamper Trap required photography of their premises and most importantly, their new menu.